Roman Blinds vs Curtains

If you are looking at window covering options and have selected a soft fabric which you think will be perfect for a window you are planning to cover, you may be trying to decide whether it is better to have the fabric made up into curtains or into roman window blinds. You can probably picture what the result will look like whether you go for either option but might still be undecided. To help you decide have a read through our short guide as to what we think are the pros and cons of curtains and roman blinds in most domestic situations.

Firstly a roman blind is likely to be the least expensive option of the two. If you compare the amount of fabric you would need for a roman blind, which would usually be relatively flat, against the amount you would need for curtains, which would need to include for gathering and overlaps, then it should be clear that there would be significantly less fabric in the roman blind than in the curtains. If you are on a tight budget then this might make your decision very easy, but also think about how long the covering is likely to be there. If you are the sort of person who likes to change the look of a room quite frequently then it might make more sense to plan to replace a blind than to replace curtains. Another consideration should be the size of the room. If the room is small then a roman blind would take up less space than curtains so would help make the room seem that bit larger. Also think about what is on your window board. With a roman blind you would have the option to fit the blind in the recess of the window so that if you had attractive items these would remain on display even when the blind is closed. If heat retention is important then you would probably be better off going for curtains. Curtains are usually fixed to the outside of the window recess and with more fabric in folds to insulate means they will usually be better at retaining the heat in the room. Window size should also be considered. If your window is very large or tall and your fabric is heavy then a roman blind might not be practical as the weight of the fabric could be too much to be drawn up on most roman blind headrail mechanisms. Finally consider cleaning. If the window covering is likely to get dirty and require regular cleaning then you will probably find that curtains are easier to take down and put back up than a roman blind. This is because most roman blinds will require the rods and other components to be removed which may require an amount of unpicking and sewing.

If you have considered our points above and are still undecided and there is more than one window then maybe the room would suit having a mix of styles. A roman blind on a small window mixed with curtains on a large window could look great.